Mar 4, 2020

Filing a Lawsuit After You Slipped and Fell

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Say you were walking around the grocery store, minding your business and trying to figure out what to purchase to make for dinner, when you slipped on a wet surface, fell, and sustained painful injuries. You were expecting to get in and out with your items, but you ended up in the hospital instead. A slip and fall might not seem like a “big deal” at first, but you can sustain injuries that leave you in [...]

Oct 26, 2016

Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle This Year

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There is nothing like the call of the open road – especially when you can experience it on your motorcycle. We know a little something about the joys of riding here at Banks and Jones, given that T. Scott Jones races bikes at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. We want all riders to be safe and sound on the roads, so we have some safety tips for motorcycle riders that we’d like to share: [...]

Feb 25, 2016

“Dewshine” Has a Totally Different Meaning in Tennessee

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Mountain Dew is a popular soft drink, especially with teenagers. The company’s website sports a very cool looking advertisement for its “backwoods original” recipe – which calls for real sugar, as opposed to artificial sweeteners, and offers a not-so-subtle comparison to moonshine. In Tennessee, though, “dewshine” has a much more deadly connotation. In late January of 2016, the tragic deaths of two teenagers was linked to a mix of the soda with methanol-based racing fuel. In [...]

Jan 1, 2016

TennCare Has the Power to Ruin Honest Doctors Just to Make Money

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It is no secret that insurance companies prioritize their bottom line over the health and safety of their patients. What many non-medical personnel don’t realize, however, is that they do it to doctors, too. One of the more popular ways to accomplish this involves the delicate, complex and often-overwhelming world of CPT codes and billing. Because of changes in Obamacare and TennCare, specifically, more and more doctors are being accused of billing for unnecessary services in [...]

Dec 3, 2015

Television Gets it Wrong: the Real Dangers of Rollover Crashes

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Rollover crashes look exciting on the TV set or on the big screen, so if you’ve never been in one, it’s easy to understand why you might think they’re a “safe” accident to have. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollovers are among the deadliest accidents there are. Up to 10,000 people a year die in rollovers, which account for around 2% of all crashes but 33% [...]

Oct 19, 2015

Staying Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle through Tennessee

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It’s been a long, hot and dry summer, and those conditions can be pretty grueling on motorcycle riders. We get it if you’re raring and ready to go for a long ride now that the weather is starting to cool a bit. As riders ourselves, we know the pull you can feel to just take off down the road – but we also know that safety is paramount to an enjoyable ride today and in the [...]

Sep 19, 2014

How Traumatic Brain Injury Can Impact Your Earning Power

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One injury commonly sustained in catastrophic accidents is a traumatic brain injury. Unlike with broken ribs or limbs that can heal and be restored to regular function, depending on the nature and severity of the TBI you may not be able to recover and get back to doing the same kind of work you were doing before the accident. A good personal injury attorney knows how to assess the impact that a traumatic brain injury might [...]

Jun 9, 2014

The Numbers about TBI Are In – And They May Surprise You

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When you ride a motorcycle (we know a thing or two about it, in our office), you know that there is nothing – nothing – in the world like it. And if you’ve ever crashed your bike, you know there’s nothing like that either. What is a little tap to person driving a car could have deadly consequences for a rider. And when it comes to traumatic brain injury, or TBI, we face even more serious [...]

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