Jan 15, 2018

Tennessee’s Offenses Against Person: What Criminal Homicide Actually Means

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In every day use, the word “homicide” gets swapped with the word “murder” pretty often. In Tennessee, though, those words have different meanings – and different penalties when someone is convicted of the crimes. Criminal homicide is the “unlawful killing of another person,” whether it was intentional or not. In other words, all murder is [...]

Jan 3, 2018

A Garth Brooks Fan Almost Lost an Eye at His Concert – but “She’s Gonna Make It”

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When the music is turned up too loudly, it can hurt your ears. For one Garth Brooks fan, love of music almost cost her an eye. And while we think a good pun is pretty funny, there’s nothing funny about what happened to Jean Ann Crenshaw on December 9th while she was at a concert [...]

Nov 29, 2017

My Property Has Been Damaged; Now What Do I Do?

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Mother Nature is unpredictable; just ask the people of Gatlinburg, or Houston, or anyone in California. Humans can be unpredictable, too. As of right now, there have been 151,592 traffic crashes in Tennessee this year, and 10.429 of them have happened in Knox County. Of those 151,592 crashes: 732 were fatal 37,264 involved an injury [...]

Nov 15, 2017

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

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Unlike Superman, Achilles and the other heroes of myth, we’re not invulnerable to pain and suffering.  People sustain life-threatening injuries every day: from terrifying natural disasters, unavoidable auto accidents, and simple slips. Fortunately, when you get injured, you are not alone; you can have a personal injury attorney by your side. There are a number [...]

Nov 2, 2017

Congratulations, T. Scott Jones, on Your AV Preeminent® Rating!

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All of us at Banks and Jones would like to congratulate T. Scott Jones for obtaining an AV Preeminent® rating! The Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ system is among the most-respected objective ratings programs for legal excellence, and is typically considered the gold standard when it comes to recognizing attorneys for their work and dedication. Unlike [...]

Oct 17, 2017

Why Many Car Accidents Happen at Intersections

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Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirm that 40% of car accidents in the United States occur at intersections. Intersection accidents are common because there at least two crossing roads. Roads typically have at least two lanes of travel, which means most intersection traffic involves four lanes of travel. Cars at intersections can [...]

Oct 4, 2017

Understanding Tennessee’s Dram Shop Law

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In the United States, there are a lot of laws regarding the purchase, sale and consumption of alcohol, and those laws can vary from state to state. Both federal and state law require, however, that a person must be 21 years old or older before he or she can drink alcoholic beverages. There’s another law [...]

Sep 20, 2017

Legal Limits on the Acceptable Height, Width, and Length of Trucks

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Trucks are dangerous vehicles for many reasons, including their dimensions. The large height, width, and length of trucks make it difficult for small cars and motorcycles to see in front and around them. The extreme dimensions of trucks also make it much more difficult for the truck driver to see other vehicles – because most [...]

Sep 6, 2017

Event Data Recorders Can Help Build a Case After a Car Crash

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You are driving into the sunrise or sunset when suddenly you collide with another vehicle. Finding the answers to who, what, why, and how is important in a successful auto accident case, and one method to find said answers is to look at your vehicle’s event data recorder (EDR). What is an event data recorder? [...]

Aug 14, 2017

How Motorcycle Riders Can Make Themselves More Visible

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There’s an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That adage applies to motorcycle drivers and passengers. Many motorcycle accidents cause death or catastrophic injuries because the motorcycle rider can fall straight to the hard ground or be thrown into the truck or car that caused the accident. The [...]