Say you were walking around the grocery store, minding your business and trying to figure out what to purchase to make for dinner, when you slipped on a wet surface, fell, and sustained painful injuries. You were expecting to get in and out with your items, but you ended up in the hospital instead.

A slip and fall might not seem like a “big deal” at first, but you can sustain injuries that leave you in pain and have a lasting effect on you. For example, if you hit your head during the fall, you may have initially had a concussion. If you a traumatic brain injury, you could suffer from chronic migraines and experience other side effects that are difficult to handle and manage. If you broke multiple bones, you were likely out of work for quite some time while recovering.

When you miss a lot of time from work and you have a lot of medical bills from all the hospital visits and doctor’s office visits, it can put a financial strain on you that you should not have to deal with after everything you have gone through. Filing a claim means holding a negligent party responsible for their lack of care. It allows you to receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain and suffering.

What types of evidence must be provided in a slip and fall case?

If you want to file a lawsuit after slipping and falling, be prepared to provide evidence that supports your claim. If you have pictures of the conditions of the floor inside the grocery store or surveillance footage that shows what happened when you fell, you can use that as evidence to support the claim.

You’ll also need copies of your medical records to provide details on the extent of your injuries and the procedures you have undergone to help treat those injuries. Your attorney can talk to you about the important evidence that you should have when filing a claim to improve your chances of receiving the right amount of compensation.

When you slip, fall, and sustain some serious injuries, you have the right to file a lawsuit. If you were shopping at the grocery store when you slipped because the employees were negligent and they did not take proper care of a spill in one of the aisles, you can file a lawsuit. At Banks & Jones, we are ready to represent you and fight for fair compensation. Call us at 865-407-2122 or complete a contact form for a free consultation in Knoxville.