Strong Knoxville Premises Liability Lawyers Holding Wrongdoers Accountable for Failing to Protect Your Safety

Tough advocacy when you fall or are injured due to the negligence of a property owner

One slip on a slippery floor can cause months of agony coping with broken bones. One tumble down a flight of stairs because the railings were loose can mean never being able to walk again. An escalator that suddenly drops can mean crashing headfirst onto the floor below, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. A physical attack because security was lax can result in death, surgery, or constant fear about being attacked again.

At Banks and Jones, our Knoxville trial attorneys demand that property owners pay for the catastrophic injuries, physical pain, disfigurement, and loss of life’s pleasures they cause. Our demands are not idle claims. They are based on preparing and persuasively arguing each phase of your case. When property owners knew of an open risk or danger and ignored that danger, we even demand punitive damages be paid to punish the owners for putting their profit before your safety.

Some of the many ways property owners fail to protect people across Tennessee

Accidents can happen anywhere – an apartment complex, a shopping mall, a restaurant, a movie theater, or any place where consumers make purchases. You can be injured when you’re visiting a hospital, attending a community event, or even just spending time at a neighbor’s home.

Some of the common types of premises liability cases our attorneys handle for any type of injury are:

  • Slips, trips, and falls. Broken tiles, wet floors, torn carpets, and anything that causes you to lose traction – can cause you to fall. When people fall, they often suffer broken bones and severe bruises. An especially bad fall can cause damage to your spine. Our legal team fights for clients injured inside a building or on the outside parking lots and grounds.
  • Negligent security. Premises liability includes the failure to take steps to protect you from physical attacks such as muggings, stabbings, and assaults. If you were attacked while getting money from an ATM, visiting an alcoholic establishment, or going to any place with an increased risk for crime – you can file a claim for the violence that occurs. We assert that premises should have good lighting, video cameras, and hiring security personnel.
  • Escalators and elevators. These moving devices need to be inspected regularly. Just one operation failure can change your life forever. Our lawyers leave no stone unturned to get you compensation. This means we file claims against the property owners, repair crews, and even the manufacturers and sellers of these dangerous contraptions.

We don’t stop at handling the common types of falls and injuries. Our lawyers also represent victims of:

  • Dog bite accidents
  • Swimming pool deaths and injuries
  • Accidents at amusement parks
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Falls, explosions, fires, and other construction site dangers

Any accident which occurs on the property of another is a premises liability accident. Our team is ready to help you get justice for every type of injury and every kind of accident.

How our Knoxville property liability attorneys prove you have the right to get compensation for your injuries

At Banks and Jones, our attorneys understand the laws and how to show they’ve been violated. Clients, judges, juries, and our legal peers respect us for being able to show that it is the precise violation of these laws that caused you to get hurt and to suffer constant pain.

Tennessee law has different standards of responsibility that depend on the reason you were visiting the property of another. These standards are:

  • Invitees. Knoxville property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees – anyone on the premises to benefit the owner in some way such as:
    • To buy something. If you were at a store to make a purchase, even if it was just to browse, you are an invitee.
    • To get help from the owner. If you were seeking professional advice of any kind, you fall into this category too.
    • To spend time with the host. If you were injured while going to church or to a book club, then the host should be liable if you get hurt.
    • To respond to a request. If a property owner called you to his or her premises to make a repair or haul away the trash, you are an invitee too.

Our lawyers routinely show that victims were invitees and that the property owner failed to take even the minimal steps to protect you from harm.

  • Licensee. The owners of the premises must also protect you if you were allowed on the premises but weren’t there to benefit the owner. The key difference between invitees and licensees is this: Property owners are liable to invitees if they have reason to know of a potential danger. Property owners are only liable to licensees if they have actual knowledge of an existing danger. A common example is falling while walking on your neighbor’s broken pavement.
  • Trespassers. Even if you don’t have the legal right to be on the property of another, our premises liability can argue you should get money for your injuries if your minor child was injured, and something on the property, such as a swimming pool, attracted your child to the site.

We win property cases because we inspect the site as soon as we are notified of the accident – ideally, before any repairs or changes to the site are made. Our team reviews all prior accidents at the site. We inspect all maintenance and repair logs. Our lawyers and investigators speak with all witnesses to confirm you had the perfect right to be on the property. We work with your doctors to fully document your medical treatments and each moment of physical and emotional suffering.

Speak with a trusted Knoxville premises liability attorney who moves fast to get the best results

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