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Demanding justice when construction site owners and contractors fail to protect their employees and contractors

Construction workers risk their lives every day. One in five worker injury deaths in 2016 were in the construction sectorr. One in ten construction workers are injured every year. Common injuries include broken bones, burns, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, back pain, neck pain, and nerve damage. Common causes of death include falls, electrocution, and vehicle accidents.

The Knoxville construction site attorneys at Banks and Jones have your back. We have obtained numerous six and seven figure settlements and verdicts for many our clients. Our lawyers, starting with name partner T. Scott Jones, have been recognized as top tier lawyers in Tennessee and throughout the nation. Our stellar reputation is based on our dedication, experience, and complete understanding of the laws including Tennessee workers’ compensation laws and the federal and state safety and building code laws.

What types of claims can be brought in construction site accidents?

The kind of claim a construction site victim can bring depends on his or her work status. Employees are treated differently than independent contractors. Generally, employers have much more control over the type of work employees can do than they do for contractors. Typical construction accident cases include:

  • Product liability. Often forklifts, scaffolds, jackhammers, and other construction tools and equipment fail to work properly. If equipment or tools malfunction, or were not properly designed, our Knoxville construction lawyers sue the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who caused your pain and emotional harm. In product liability cases, there is also no requirement to prove fault. Both employees and contractors can bring a product liability claim.
  • Negligence. Independent contractors can file negligence claims against an employer, but they do need to prove fault. In negligence claims, victims are entitled to pain and suffering and all their outstanding bills and wages. At Banks and Jones, we are Ready 2 Win your claim against the construction site owner, any responsible contractors, maintenance crews, and all negligent businesses and individuals.
  • Workers’ compensation. Employees who are injured on the job must file for work injury benefits unless the worker can show a third-party was responsible for the accident. If you are hurt while on the job and you are an employee, you are entitled to medical care, 2/3 of your wages up to preset limits, and vocational rehabilitation, if needed. There is no need to prove the employer was at fault.

When the worst happens and an employee dies, we demand that the spouse and family be awarded all the death benefits that Tennessee workers’ compensation law permits. These benefits are:

  • Burial expenses. Funeral bills up to $10,000 for deaths after May 2017
  • The employee had a spouse. 50% of the average weekly wage of the employee up to the maximum weekly benefit limit
  • The employee had a spouse and children. 2/3 of the employee’s average weekly wage up to the weekly maximum.
  • The employee had no spouse or children. $20,000

If the deceased was not an employee, you can make a claim for wrongful death. Our attorneys demand payment for the loss of income and the loss of the society and guidance the deceased would have provided a spouse, children, and other relatives who qualify.

In negligence and product liability cases, our Knoxville attorneys demand that wrongdoers pay punitive damages for wantonly and deliberately failing to comply with any applicable laws or disregarding your safety. There’s no excuse for not making the work the company’s top priority.

Common construction site accidents

Most construction accidents fall into the following categories:

  • Falls from scaffolds, ladders, and heights. Scaffolds and ladders should be clear of debris and inventory. They should be grounded and secured. Workers should wear helmets. The equipment shouldn’t be used if it’s too windy, rainy, or the elements are too severe. Workers should be properly trained on how to use these items. We demand justice for any worker who dies from a fall or suffers spinal damage, broken bones, or any kind of injury due to a fall.
  • Electric shock. Mixing tools, electricity, and water is often a deadly mix. Both employees and passers-by are likely to die if a downed power line or electric overloads cause shock or power outages.
  • Chemical spills and fires. Many construction sites use dangerous chemicals. All chemicals must meet HAZMAT (hazardous material) safety laws. Improper usage of chemicals can cause fires, toxic spills, first -degree burns, scarring and disfigurement
  • If demolition work or ruptured gas lines cause explosions, workers and anyone nearby can be killed. Explosions can also cause secondary damage to buildings, roads, and equipment.

Even though fault is not a requirement in workers’ compensation cases, the way the accident happened is an important factor in confirming that your injuries were work-related.

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At Banks and Jones, we understand that there are two parts to every workers’ compensation case. The first is to show that your injuries are work-related. The second is to aggressively contest any effort by the employer’s insurance company to force you back to work before you’re ready. In product liability and negligence cases, our investigators and engineers work quickly to confirm that irresponsible behavior caused you harm or that the equipment was defective. For clear guidance by lawyers who Aim 2 Win, contact us at 865.407.2122 or contact us to arrange an appointment.

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