Criminal Verdicts and Sentences

Dismissal of charges – State v. Hensley. Banks and Jones obtained a full dismissal of charges for the client. All terrorism charges were dismissed in the Blount County Waffle House grenade case.

Dismissal of charges. The political prosecution of Loudon County Chief Tony Aikens ended after T. Scott Jones handled the matter, resulting in two (2) procedural issue dismissals with a final dispositive dismissal in this litigation that lasted three (3) long years.

Dismissal of charges. The case against a businessman charged with the rape of an exotic entertainer was dismissed after the hearing.

Dismissal of charges. The charges against a Loudon County grandfather were dismissed after a three-day jury trial.

Acquittal of charges. This Campbell County sexual battery case was tried to jury acquittal after only a record-breaking 12-minute deliberation.

Acquittal of charges State v. Sands. Union County, Tennessee. An off-duty Knoxville Police Department officer was acquitted, after two-day jury trial, of multiple counts of aggravated assault. The officer returned to full duty.

Probation – State v. Flack. In this case, Banks and Jones secured a 15-year probationary sentence for our client, despite the jury having convicted the attacker, following a hotly-contested jury trial with ID issues.

Probation. Banks and Jones secure probation for a local school board member in separate drug and (multiple) assault-related charges.

Probation. Probation obtained in zero-tolerance case, involving a gun at school and a troubled youth in Knox County.

Hung jury – State v. Kamah. Knox County Criminal Court. This case involved a 9/11-related brutal assault, with an eventual plea to split confinement resolution. The case resulted in a hung jury.

Judicial diversion – homicide case. Banks and Jones’ client, a 16-year-old Knox County teen, was granted judicial diversion in a felony murder/first degree homicide, with release to his mother.

Juvenile system. Banks and Jones’ client, a 17-year-old Knox County teen who was involved in a botched robbery/homicide, was successfully kept in the juvenile system, for release upon his 19th birthday.

Limited sentencing – U.S. v. Bright. Banks and Jones’ client’s sentence was limited to only 37 months in a $1.2 million wire fraud scheme.