Knoxville Construction Zone Lawyers Who Fight 2 Win Your Accident Claim

Protecting drivers and pedestrians when construction sites fail to protect non-workers

Anywhere you drive, you’re likely to run into construction work– especially on I-40 or I-75, or on Rte. 129. Public and private construction site owners are required to put your safety first. Owners, contractors, and maintenance crews are required to follow federal, Tennessee, and local safety rules and regulations.

The Knoxville construction zone lawyers at Banks and Jones fight to make owners pay for your physical pain, emotional suffering, disfigurement, medical bills, and lost wages. We demand that owners who fail to properly plan how to reroute traffic, fail to fully warn drivers, and who fail to make their sites safe from contact with equipment and debris be held accountable for their inexcusable wrongs. Our lawyers have earned the respect of numerous clients and the legal community for our leave no stone unturned approach to litigation. We are Ready 2 Win because we are ready to take each case to a jury trial.

The kinds of construction zone cases our lawyers bring in Tennessee

Our legal team represents drivers and pedestrians, with any type of injury, who were unjustly injured at a construction zone site. We sue owners of all site sizes, architects, engineers, contractors, maintenance crews, and other responsible parties. Typical construction zone cases include:

  • Car crashes. If you wreck your car, truck or motorcycle in a construction zone, you have the right to make a claim for compensation. No matter how serious your case, we have the resources and the experience to handle it. We also fight for road crew members who were struck by negligent drivers.
  • Improper supervision and safety measures. Our lawyers understand how to show that the construction companies failed to comply with safety laws, failed to follow standard construction zone operation policies, or failed to use common-sense reasonable precautions.
  • Defective parts. Defective equipment and safety gear puts everyone at risk. Workers can be injured and passing cars can be crushed.
  • Wrongful death. If someone in your family tragically died due to the fault of the construction company, repair crew, or a negligent driver, the wrongdoers must be held liable. Our attorneys demand payment for the loss of income, the loss of guidance, and the loss of society the deceased would have provided family members had he/she lived.

If the state, county, or local township was responsible for the construction work; you have the right to bring legal action against the government – but only if you meet strict timeline and other requirements. Our Knoxville construction lawyers are ready to explain those requirements when you call.

Why construction zone accidents happen

About 750 people die each year in construction zone and maintenance work zones, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Many more people suffer catastrophic, permanent, or long-term injuries. Most road construction cases involve drivers and passengers who don’t work for the construction companies. Some of the many reasons road construction accidents happen are:

  • Poor warning signs. Maintenance crews should alert drivers to road construction well before they reach the construction site. Inadequate warnings prevent the driver from slowing down in time to avoid an accident. Poor signage can cause a driver to veer off a road or into oncoming vehicles. Construction zones should also use artificial barriers such as traffic cones to direct traffic.
  • Bad roads. Road construction often means that lanes merge, that roads are filled with dirt and debris, that the surfaces are uneven, and that there are holes in the road. Any change in road conditions can cause an accident.
  • Poor lighting. Drivers should be able to see the road signs and any dangers at night.
  • Improper lane markings. Often, the number of lanes is reduced for road construction, so the crew can work on the roads and park their vehicles and equipment. Any lane changes must be clearly marked.
  • Faulty traffic control. Many road construction sites use people to direct traffic. There should be clear protocols in place to direct drivers. Improper procedures or improper traffic management (due to fatigue or inattention) can easily cause a collision.

Road and building construction sites are required to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) regulations. These rules require constant inspections of the site, complete preparation of the site, and warnings to anyone who might suffer harm. Our lawyers work with engineers and other experts to show the construction site companies failed to comply with these crucial safety laws. We are also highly skilled at showing owners and others failed to comply with state and local building codes to protect the public.

Speak with a tough Knoxville construction zone accident lawyer today

The construction owners and crews will try to put the blame on you. Our job, which we excel at, is to show the companies in control of the site didn’t do their job. They failed to protect your safety. We Fight 2 Win you every dollar you deserve for treating and coping with your injuries. We demand payment of your medical bills and lost wages. To talk to the premier trial lawyers in Knoxville, please phone us at 865-546-2141 or contact us to schedule an appointment. We take accident cases on a contingency fee basis.