Experienced Knoxville Lawyers Fight for Boating Accident Victims

Tough counsel for boat passengers and operators who are seriously injured and for the families when someone tragically drowns

The Tennessee River, the Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway, and the state’s many lakes and streams are attractive to residents and tourists alike. Sadly, accidents and deaths on Tennessee water are all too common. If a boat crashes into another boat or flips over, passengers can drown, get hypothermia, have broken bones, suffer respiratory ailments, endure spinal cord damage, or acquire permanent or life-threatening injuries.

At Banks and Jones, our Knoxville lawyers are more than just experienced trial lawyers. Our reputation is based on the substantial verdicts and settlements we’ve obtained, our dedication to keeping our clients informed about their case, and our ability to make persuasive arguments. We work with professionals to show that boating standards were not met. Our attorneys work with your physicians to completely document your injuries, your daily pain, and your medical prognosis.

If a family member drowns or dies for any reason, we advise families that they have the absolute right to bring a wrongful death claim against all responsible people and companies. Wrongful death claims include much more than just the funeral bills and medical expenses. Family members are entitled to the loss of income and the loss of support and guidance they would have received due to any type of negligence.

Why Tennessee boating accidents occur

Our attorneys hold all types of boat owners and operators liable if they cause an accident. This includes sailboats, kayaks, cabin cruisers, yachts, ferries, canoes, and charter boats.

Most Knoxville area boating accidents occur because a boat operator wasn’t following the local waterway laws or because they weren’t properly trained. Proper training must include an ability to handle emergencies. Boating collisions also occur because boats aren’t inspected before they are placed in the water. A leak, lack of fuel, or a failure to have rafts or life-jackets are just some examples of inspection failures that can cause accidents or make the injuries more severe than they should be.

Typical boating accident causes include:

  • Operating the boat while intoxicated. Operating a boat, canoe, or any water vessel while under the influence of alcohol is just as dangerous in the water as it is on land.
  • “Steering” distraction. Our Knoxville attorneys hold boat operators who text while drive, speak on a smartphone, eat, apply sunscreen, or take their eyes off the water in front of them are liable for the deaths and injuries they cause.
  • It’s easy for boat operators to get tired when they’re directly in the sun or have been in their boat for long stretches of time. Drivers should know when they’re tired and get out of the water. If fatigue causes a crash, the boat passenger and other boats are in danger.

If a boat isn’t designed or isn’t made properly, the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and boat part maker can be sued for creating a defective product – provided the defect is what caused your injuries.

Additional reasons boat crashes happen

Some accident causes are the same as for on-land vehicles such as speeding, failing to turn properly, and following too closely. Some causes are unique or are more common to water vehicles. Examples include:

  • Excess sun
  • High winds
  • Large waves
  • Ejection into the water
  • Overcrowded boats
  • Not anticipating smaller craft or swimmers

Our boat accident lawyers hold all responsible parties liable if you sustain serious injuries. You can trust us to fight for your rights.

Review your case with a tough Knoxville boat accident attorney as soon as possible

At Banks and Jones, we understand how devastating it is to lose a loved one to a drowning accident. Spinal cord damage can mean paralysis or a lifetime of pain. Broken bones mean loss of life’s pleasures and agony until the bones heal – if they heal. For the best results, do not negotiate with the insurance adjustor yourself. Call an experienced trial attorney. Our lawyers are Ready 2 Win. To make an appointment, please phone us at 865-546-2141 or contact us now.