The Long-Term Effects and Potential Medical Needs of Burn Injuries

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The Long-Term Effects and Potential Medical Needs of Burn Injuries

When a person is involved in an accident that leaves with them serious, extensive burn injuries, that person will often suffer from long-term effects that are associated with burn injuries. These effects can drastically alter the person’s way of life, making it nearly impossible for them to do things and participate in activities that were once a part of their daily routine.

Skin grafts

Skin grafting procedures are regularly performed on patients with burn injuries. During a skin graft, the surgeon will remove healthy skin from one area of the body and then transplant the skin to an area that was severely burned. Those that need skin grafts are often put under general anesthesia. However, the recovery from skin grafts is still painful and difficult for most people to deal with.

Permanent contracture

Contracture often occurs to Knoxville burn victims because the muscles and tendons are damaged and shortened from the scar that develops after the individual has been burned. If permanent contracture develops, it can restrict a person’s ability to move his or her arms, legs, and other body parts with ease.

Constant use of HEPA filtration system

Some burn victims have a difficult time breathing as easily as they once did. As a result, they may need to constantly use a HEPA filtration system inside the home. The HEPA filtration system works to remove contaminants from the air. When more contaminants are eliminated from the air, the quality of the air improves, making it slightly easier for burn victims to breathe.


Some of the most serious burns can lead to issue with overheating. The damage caused by burns can block the pores and cause damage to a person’s sweat glands, preventing them from sweating naturally as most people would. When a person is unable to sweat on their own, they can quickly become overheated because their body is unable to regulate the temperature on its own. However, this can quickly become a serious issue that leads to heatstroke. Someone with serious burn injuries would need to take excessive measures to control his or her temperature and avoid becoming too hot, but this is often a challenge when the temperature starts rising during the summer months.

Numerous long-term effects can occur after a person suffers from serious burn injuries. Not only are these injuries painful, but they can also leave permanent scars and a loss of skin. Most burn victims will need to undergo several skin grafting procedures, and some will suffer from contracture. Burn victims may rely heavily on the HEPA filtration system. Some will even have a difficult time regulating their body temperature. These side effects are often drastic and troublesome for burn victims.

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