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When 18-wheelers collide with other vehicles, the consequences are often devastating. The sheer size of these beasts can keep them from stopping in time; add in driver negligence and error, and the results can be catastrophic.

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury because of a collision with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial truck, the Knoxville truck accident lawyers at Banks & Jones want to fight aggressively for your rightful compensation. If you lose a loved one in a tractor-trailer accident, our firm is here to support you throughout the wrongful death claim process. Our legal team is highly qualified, confident, and skilled — and we tackle tough cases in court every day. Moreover, if you’ve retained incompetent counsel in the past, our injury attorneys may have success where others have failed.

How deadly are truck accidents?

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, there were 146 truck accidents in 2023, which caused 164 fatalities. A Knoxville vehicle crash is much more likely to be deadly when a truck is involved than a car for several reasons:

  • Trucks are much heavier than cars
  • Trucks are much more difficult to operate than cars
  • Trucks are much wider, taller, and longer than cars
  • Truck drivers often speed more than car drivers because the faster a driver makes deliveries, the more money the driver can make doing more trips
  • Truck drivers often drive tired even though there are rules regulating how much sleep and rest they should get

Even when car occupants survive a truck crash, they are much more likely to suffer a catastrophic or permanent injury than if trucks weren’t involved in the vehicle crash.

Which Knoxville roads have the most truck accidents?

Commercial trucks can be found all over Knoxville. Smaller box trucks, like delivery vehicles or garbage trucks, drive all throughout the city. Semis, however, will largely stick to larger thoroughfares and interstates. Our team of Knoxville truck accident lawyers help people who have been injured in auto accidents with commercial vehicles on highways like:

  • I-40
  • I-275
  • I-640
  • I-75
  • Knoxville Beltway (I-475)
  • James White Parkway

What are the causes of truck accidents in East Tennessee?

Having handled many trucking accident cases in Knoxville, our fearless legal team is focused on obtaining just compensation for trucking accident victims and their families. We regularly represent clients who suffer injuries due to the following types of negligent, careless, or reckless errors:

In cases where a truck part malfunctions, or is deemed defective, you may be able to file a claim against the trucking company or the manufacturer of the part itself. Bringing a claim against some of the county’s largest truck manufacturers – Peterbilt, Mack, Dodge, Freightliner, Western Star, Caterpillar, Kenworth, and the like – can be a challenge. These companies have a team of attorneys on their side who have no problem trying to bury you in paperwork.

That is why you need a skilled Knoxville truck accident lawyer who has experience taking these commercial giants on in a courtroom. Our willingness to take a case to trial has often led big companies and insurers to offer a more fair and just settlement offer from the start, because they know we won’t settle for anything less. If you are being denied your rightful compensation, we will fight for you and your future.

What types of truck accidents happen in East Tennessee?

Some truck accidents happen in the same manner as car accidents. These accidents include head-on crashes, rear-end crashes, sideswipes, and broadside collisions. Many truck accidents are unique to trucks. Some of the many types of crashes our Knoxville truck accident lawyers handle include:

  • Jackknife accidents. These truck accidents happen when the trailer swings around after a forceful stop or turn causing the trailer to be in a 90 degree position from the front of the truck. Some of the risk factors for jackknife accidents include slippery roads, speeding, road curves, and cargo that shifts. Trucks with empty trailers are at increased risk for a jackknife accident.
  • Accidents due to blind spotsLarge semis, cement trucks, and most large trucks have blind spots. These blind spots make it almost impossible for a driver to see directly behind the truck and to the right side of the truck. Mirrors often provide limited help. Some trucks are now using cameras to help drivers see what their eyes normally wouldn’t be able to see. Drivers should avoid driving directly behind or to the right of large trucks.
  • Truck rollovers. Trucks are at an increased risk for rolling over because their center of gravity is different than a car. If a load shifts or a truck driver takes a curve at a high speed, the truck can easily rollover. Truck rollovers may cause multi-vehicle pileups and other vehicles try to avoid the truck. The driver of the truck that rolls over often suffers severe injuries or death.
  • Wide turn accidents. Trucks need a lot of room to make turns, especially right turns. They often need to shift into another lane in order to make the turn. The blind spots often mean the truck driver doesn’t see any cars or motorcycles near the truck when it turns. Drivers should also avoid being behind or to the side of a truck that is making a right turn.
  • Rear-end collisions. Trucks are more likely to strike another vehicle in front of them than cars because truck drivers generally speed more and are more tired than car drivers. Trucks need a much greater distance to stop than cars because of the size and weight of the truck.
  • Underride accidents. Passengers may slide under a truck when a crash occurs. An underride accident is often deadly. Trucks are generally required to have underride guards to help reduce the severity of an accident. Truck drivers should be sure to signal their intention to brake or turn as early as possible to reduce the likelihood of a truck underride crash.
  • Improperly loaded trucks.  There are rules and regulations governing how heavy a load a truck can haul and how the load should be secured. If cargo spills from a truck or falls off a truck, the cargo can strike another vehicle causing death or injury. Drivers may also run into the cargo or may run into other cars in order to avoid the spilled cargo. Spills include liquids and gases as well as solids.
  • Tire blowouts. Trucks have more tires than cars which increases the odds of a blowout. If a tire blows out, the truck driver can lose control of the truck causing a deadly or severe truck crash.

Who is liable for a truck accident?

There are many different people and companies that may be liable for a truck accident. The more defendants to a case, the easier it often becomes to settle a case. If a responsible driver only has the minimum insurance or doesn’t have insurance, the other defendants can help pay a settlement or a verdict.

Possible defendants in a Knoxville truck crash are:

  • The driver of a semi, 18-wheeler, rig, box truck, or any other types of truck
  • The owner(s) of the truck if they are different than the driver
  • The trucking company that hired the truck driver
  • The broker that arranged for the delivery of the cargo or inventory
  • Any tavern or seller of liquor to a driver who was visibly intoxicated or to a driver under 21 – if the driver then caused the accident
  • The company that owned the loading or unloading docks

Other people or businesses may also be liable depending on how the accident occurred

What kinds of injuries can a truck accident cause?

Because tractor-trailers weigh literal tons, the impact of one of them hitting a car, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcycle rider is going to be catastrophic. Our firm routinely handles cases on behalf of people who have suffered:

Whether you are hurt in a head-on or rear-end collision, sustained injuries in a crash with a jackknifed 18-wheeler, or were hurt for any other reason, our team of talented Knoxville accident attorneys can help.

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