I Am Charged with a DUI. What Should I Expect?

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I Am Charged with a DUI. What Should I Expect?

Having been charged with a DUI, you’ve obviously found yourself in an unfortunate situation. That situation can go one of two ways. It can go really bad for you, or it can improve through the use of a skilled advocate. I want to be that advocate. In particular, all of the information needs to be gathered. The reports from the officers, the video, the audio; anything that comes to bear on your case.

The particularities relative to the blood draw and whether or not it was done correctly; in the event that there was a breath machine used, the calibration of the same, and whether or not that it was appropriately calibrated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

You need someone that is familiar with the process from start to finish in order to assist you in this particular crime, which can affect you for the rest of your life – not only from a criminal perspective, but from a civil perspective. Your insurance rates, things that you never realized were going to come into play, can be affected by a DUI. When you find yourself charged, understand you’re not guilty. You enjoy the right to be presumed innocent. I want to fight for your innocence. I want to do all I can and utilize my staff and my resources to protect your rights.

My name is T. Scott Jones. I’m with the Knoxville firm of Banks & Jones. We can be located at banksjones.com or contacted at (865) 546-2141. Give me the opportunity to be your attorney and to Play 2 Win.


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