We have no control over the actions of other drivers, passengers, traffic or road conditions. As a result, auto accidents unfortunately can and do happen, leading to a wide variety of minor and major injuries. One such trauma which often results from auto accidents is whiplash. Although whiplash isn’t a visible physical injury, it can cause a patient long-term pain and discomfort.

What is whiplash?

Also known as neck strain or neck sprain, whiplash is a type of injury to a person’s neck. It can occur when a person’s neck and/or head  suddenly and forcibly jerks back and forth. The onset and severity of whiplash symptoms typically depend on the person. In some cases, the pain starts immediately after the incident, while in other cases, the pain is more gradual, not setting in until hours or days after he or she initially suffered whiplash.

What are the causes of whiplash?

There are a wide variety of causes of whiplash, including:

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

There are a wide variety of symptoms of whiplash, and for many people the pain or discomfort won’t be easy to ignore. These symptoms can include:

  • Pain and tightness when moving your head
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Knotted or hardened neck muscles
  • Tenderness in the neck and shoulders
  • Headache radiating from the base of the skull

What are the effects of whiplash?

Depending on the severity of the initial injury, the aftereffects of whiplash can last from a few weeks to several months to, in extreme cases, a lifetime. Whiplash can also cause a concussion, which is a mild traumatic brain injury and can result in persistent headaches and cognitive difficulties.

Are there treatments for whiplash?

In a perfect world, you would not get whiplash in the first place. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options for whiplash. These include:

  • Cold or heat therapy for the patient’s neck
  • Administering prescription painkillers and other medications
  • Using a neck brace
  • Undergoing an ultrasound to ensure proper treatment
  • Massage and other physical therapy

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