Where should you get medical care after you’ve been involved in an accident? Obviously, it’s important to get medical care to treat your injuries following an accident, but a common question we receive is, how do you go about doing that or deciding where to go treat?

I want you to remember two things when looking into somebody to treat with following an accident. First, your treatment has to make sense. So, you can’t treat three months following the accident after you’ve been suffering for a long period of time. You need to treat immediately relative to anything that ails you. I would recommend going to the hospital, if it’s a serious accident, and then following up with your primary care physician. Then do what your primary care physician recommends, and go to whatever specialist they may recommend that you go see. There’s simply no way to complain about that course of treatment.

And second, you need to make sure that you follow-up relative to all aspects of your injury. If your treatment is not documented or your injury is not medically documented, quite frankly an insurance company or a jury is not going to give any respect relative to that part of your injury. Everything needs to be properly documented and taken care of in order to get the compensation you deserve.

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