How Long Should I Expect to Be in Court?

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How Long Should I Expect to Be in Court?

How long does court last? Well, that’s an open ended question because sometimes the court date is open ended. It normally starts at 9:00 AM, and sometimes you’re done by noon; sometimes you may be required to be there all day.

Usually there are a lot of cases on the docket and the courts attended to them in the manner that is most expedient. Your attorney should keep you apprised of it. We do our best to get our clients in and out as rapidly as possible as we’re cognizant of the fact that they have other life obligations just attending court.

Court is usually not a pleasant situation for clients, because they’re uncomfortable. Lawyers are there on a day in, day out basis and we’re used to these proceedings, and we’re also used to the timing of the same. At Banks and Jones, we do our best to be respectful of your time. We want the opportunity and the privilege to represent you.

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