Are Waivers of Liability Effective in Tennessee

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Are Waivers of Liability Effective in Tennessee

Are waivers of liability effective in Tennessee? Many times when involved in any sort of recreational activity, be it going to the trampoline park or going swimming, you’ll be faced with a decision to sign a waiver of liability.

Many people will sign those documents without much thought. However, you have to be aware of what you’re giving up. Many times you’re giving up the right to sue that particular company relative to any act of negligence, and giving up your right to any sort of jury trial relative to injury that you may suffer. You need to think very carefully before signing that waiver of liability.

That said, sometimes a waiver of liability can be defeated. It depends on the wording on the waiver, and it depends on the situation in which that waiver was signed. They can be very strong, but if you have a good attorney, they can be defeated. If you have a situation where you were injured, even if you have signed a waiver of liability, you can still contact us at Banks and Jones: 865-546-2141 or at



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