What Are Temporary Mutual Injunctions?

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What Are Temporary Mutual Injunctions?

When you’re going through a divorce process, at the very beginning – as soon as someone files a complaint – most times there will be attached what’s called temporary mutual injunctions. Those are mandated by the state of Tennessee as to certain things you must do or that you cannot do. It’s very important when you meet with your attorney that you understand those injunctions because a lot of times, people do not understand what they can or cannot do, and they take action that may be contrary to that injunction and then they may be facing a contempt of court.

The main things are, you can’t dissipate your assets. You can’t relocate with your children out of state or more than 50 miles away from the other parent. Don’t hide or destroy any electronically stored information. Don’t lapse or cause to be modified in any way any type of insurance.

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