Event Data Recorders Can Help Build a Case After a Car Crash

You are driving into the sunrise or sunset when suddenly you collide with another vehicle. Finding the answers to who, what, why, and how is important in a successful auto accident case, and one method to find said answers is to look at your vehicle’s event data recorder (EDR).

What is an event data recorder?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that an EDR is a device, installed in an automobile, that records a few seconds of pre-accident, accident, and post-accident technical and occupant data. An EDR generally records:

  • How fast the vehicle was going right before and during the collision
  • What position the vehicle was in right before and during the collision
  • Whether and when the vehicle’s brakes were used right before and during the collision
  • Whether the vehicle was accelerating right before and during the collision
  • Whether safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags, were used and/or deployed right before and during the collision
  • Post-accident information, such as what position and state the vehicle was in after the collision

In addition, an EDR is colloquially called a “black box,” like the device aboard planes that records flight and crash data, but an EDR is not truly a black box. Instead, it is a computer microchip and usually part of an automobile’s airbag controls. An EDR also usually writes over previously recorded data until a collision occurs.

How is an event data recorder beneficial?

When and after car accidents occur, witness statements, insurance information, contact information, and the like are exchanged among victims, police officers, and other individuals present at the scene. Exchanging all that information is good; nevertheless, an EDR provides additional information that can be useful for both business and investigative purposes. For example, an EDR often helps investigators ensure that they fully understand the situation and have reconstructed the event accurately. In addition, the data from an EDR could encourage automakers to make improvements on future vehicles, and data from an EDR likewise could encourage businesses and individuals to purchase better-made vehicles.

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