Honda’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Our world is changing every day; new regulations and new technologies are emerging constantly. An example of this emerging new technology is autonomous vehicles, and this new technology now includes autonomous motorcycles. Honda recently showcased a motorcycle that can both drive and stabilize itself.

Called “Moto Riding Assist,” Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle decreases the likelihood of the motorcycle flipping over while it merely sits in slow-moving or stopped traffic. When the motorcycle is moving at less than three miles per hour, Moto Riding Assist’s computerized system enables the onboard computer to assume control of the bike by separating the handlebar and front forks. Moto Riding Assist also has the capability to detect whether the bike is tilting; it moves the wheel either to the left or to the right in order to prevent the bike from flipping over when it detects any tilting. In addition, it also alters the front forks’ positions in order to improve the motorcycle’s steadiness.

Why is Honda developing this new technology?

Engineers at Honda are developing this new technology for a noble cause: road safety. In fact, when they are finished and readily available for public consumption, autonomous motorcycles could help decrease the number of auto accidents and auto-accident-related fatalities. Ultimately, the engineers and other people at Honda wish to turn vehicle crashes into something that only happened in years past.

Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea

The development of autonomous vehicles in general, and self-balancing, self-driving motorcycles in particular, pretty cool. Nevertheless, not everyone is thrilled about autonomous motorcycles. Some bikers may dislike that they would lack total control of their bikes. Other people may dislike being at the utter, total, and complete mercy of a machine; they may prefer to be at the utter, total, and complete mercy of themselves and/or other breathing human beings.

Like all computer systems and networks, autonomous motorcycles have firewalls and other security features. Still, not all computer systems and networks are completely secure and thus susceptible to hackers, and this lack of complete security and the possibility of autonomous motorcycles being hacked may concern and/or alarm some people.

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