Under state and federal law, you’re never required to hire a lawyer – but it’s usually in your best interest to work with one no matter what your legal concerns are. T. Scott Jones and Chris Beavers talk about why you should hire a lawyer in the following videos.

Why should I hire an attorney for a DUI charge?

Why should you hire an attorney for a DUI charge? You should hire an attorney because you have certain and viable rights that need to be protected. Our Constitution guarantees you the right to a speedy trial, the right to have counsel for you, and the right to be free of self-incrimination.

Those combined with the presumption of innocence are all important factors in considering how a DUI is handled.

  • A DUI attorney will assemble all of the information necessary to defend your case.
  • A good DUI attorney will look at all of that information.
  • An excellent attorney will take that information, distill it down, and utilize it to extract you from the difficult situation that you find yourself in.

Hiring an excellent attorney is an important thing that you need to do when you’re charged with a DUI.

Should I try to work out my criminal case on my own before contacting an attorney?

Should you try to work out your criminal case on your own? Absolutely not. I don’t think you would try to perform your own appendectomy and, likewise, it requires a professional trained and familiar with the laws of the State of Tennessee in order to obtain a successful result.

Your freedom is the most precious thing that you have, and to risk your freedom over something so foolish as not hiring a private attorney is just beyond the pale. You need competent legal representation, and that’s exactly what we provide at Banks & Jones. We want to be your attorney, and we want to Play 2 Win for you.

Why should I hire an attorney when the public defender is free?

Why you should hire an attorney when the public defender is free – simply because a private attorney, such as any of my lawyers at Banks & Jones, can provide you more individualized attention so that you actually get the result that you’re entitled to and is contemplated by our Constitution. The Public Defender’s Office does a fantastic job and yeoman’s work with a large number of cases that they are forced to handle on a day in, day out basis. A private attorney is retained with solely your interest at heart.

I think you owe it to yourself to spend the money to get the competent representation in order to achieve the result that you desire.

When do I need to contact an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim?

When do you need to contact an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim? Fortunately, you don’t always need to contact an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim; sometimes insurance companies may do the right thing. If you’re receiving your medical benefits, if you’re receiving pay while you’re off from work, or if you have an injury that is healed up and is not particularly serious, you don’t necessarily need to contact an attorney.

But if your claim has been denied, if you have a serious injury, or if you’re having problems getting the insurance company to respond to you, then you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. I want to be that lawyer.

If you have questions about your criminal defense case or your workers’ compensation claim, contact T. Scott Jones or Chris Beavers at Banks & Jones by calling (865) 546-2141, or fill out this contact form.